Ready. Set. Play.

Dizzy Bat Flip Cup

Will your team run up and get done up? Spin round’ the bat 15 times, run 30 feet, flip ya cup. We double dog dare you.

Giant Speed Pong

Look mom, no hands. Race to fill all 6 “cups” before the other team. Soak in the glory!

Life Size Bowling

Right up your alley! Teams use a huge bowling ball to knock over as many pins as possible for points.

Gigantic Obstacle Course

First team to finish the course, wins at life. Run, rebel, run.

Tennis Racquet Relay

 Don’t. Drop.The. Ball. as you weave through cones collecting points before time is up!

Epic Tug o’ War

Show off your team’s brute strength and tug the rope over the line to victory!

 Two-Legged Hula Hoop Relay

You and your friends will LITERALLY be attached at the hip!

T-Shirt Dunk Relay

Yeehaw! Your team will get a #FrayLife T-Shirt to dunk into a bucket of water and return to fill another bucket. Team with the most water in their bucket at the end wins!


Your #Squad will rally through 8 games over the course of the day. 3 of these games are #mandatory because… duh.

Think you have what it takes?

Grab a crew. Rise above the herd. Become the #FieldDay 2019 Champ.


Ready to flex on your opponents, while guzzling down a few cold ones? Each #Squad will select multiple scramble-style games.